Myrna Riquier

Myrna Riquier, Retired Singer, Songwriter, Raconteur

Greetings from Natchaug Music, Chaplin, CT

Hopefully, no one is suffering because the Upcoming Events List has ceased. There are a couple other resources you can peruse instead to find live bluegrass music to attend.  Those resources are at the websites of the RI Bluegrass Alliance and the CT Bluegrass Music Association. You will find them both useful and you can knock on those doors right here: and 

The Still Pickin’ Band will be making their premiere appearance in the Danielson area at the Elks Club located at 13 Center Street on July 14.  Although the trio has proven to be a much sought-after performing group by area nursing homes and senior centers, their July 14th date will mark their very first performance in Killingly available to the general public.

A highly entertaining group that specializes in bluegrass music and classic country, the trio is currently touring a variety of Elks facilities where they will bring this elusive genre to a public audience,  carrying out their task to help proliferate bluegrass music here  in  Connecticut.   As you may know, the genre has a fan-base made up of about 80% seniors; those who grew up listening to this American-based music that is no longer played on the radio. The Still Pickin’ band has made it their goal to bring bluegrass back to these people while at the same time introducing it to younger people who have not yet experienced it

You also may recall that Still Pickin’ got its name in 2009 due to its founding members all being retired. An interesting aspect of the current trio is that tenured member, Jim Sharpley, learned to play the banjo only after he retired at 65. A quick study, he soon followed that up by learning the resophonic guitar.  A self-taught musician and former broadcaster with WNHC-TV, Sharpley heads up the trio as it nears its second decade. Sharpley is also a key figure with the Podunk Bluegrass Festival held in Hebron each August. Other musicians in his trio are Dennis Sheridan of Bolton and Patricia McDonald of Mansfield.

I hope you’ll come out to hear their concert.  The event starts at 7:00 pm and doors open at 6:30 pm. You can expect to hear about thirty songs from this musically astute group, including cuts from their recent CD,  Reuben’s Train.  The room will be set up cafe style. Tables will accommodate a half dozen so bring along some snacks if you want to munch and you’ll be able to get any kind of beverage from the bar.  The concert will be in the Elks lounge  with seating capacity limited to sixty so….. to assure a seat…’s important to fetch your tickets early. Smoking will be suspended during this concert.  I guarantee you will enjoy this event. Tickets are $10 by contacting Jim Sharpley at 860-933-3147 or

The Podunk Bluegrass Festival is right around the corner too, Aug 9 to Aug 12 in Hebron CT.  See you there!

— Myrna

About Natchaug Music

Natchaug Music is a publishing company currently pitching songs for writers to artists in the U. S. and Europe. The Natchaug Music catalog represents the genres of traditional, contemporary, alternative and rowdy country plus blues, country rock, gospel, bluegrass, folk, and Americana. In addition to music publishing, Natchaug Music also sponsors Still Pickin’, a country-western/bluegrass band.

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Natchaug Music Publishing was named after the Natchaug River that runs through the town of Chaplin, Connecticut, down through the Natchaug Valley and along the Natchaug Trail, aka Route 198. The river has many moods. It can be a raging maverick during flood season, a lively trout stream in late spring attracting fishermen from near and far, or a peaceful wading attraction during the hot summer months drawing students from nearby universities. The Natchaug is a beautiful river, but be forewarned of the danger when it is raging.

The Raging Natchaug River

The Raging Natchaug River

Diana’s Pool

Natchaug River, Chaplin CT

There was some mighty water in the Natchaug that fall day.
It roared through town with vengeance; it washed a soul away.
It pounded down the river sides and made an awesome sound.
It is quite a fright when Mother Nature throws her weight around.

Lyric by Myrna Riquier, 2010

Dedicated to Elizabeth Cunningham who was
swept into the severely swollen waters of the
Natchaug River on October 15, 2005. RIP