Track 01, 03, 05, 08, 09, 14 Troy Engle, Unplugged Demos
Track 06, 15 James Rogers, Boondock Studio
Track 04, 07 Nashville Song Demos
Track 02, 11 Greg Shields, GS Musical Creations, Statesville, NC
Track 13 True Music Studio, Smithfield, RI Vocal: Bill Thibodeau
Track 10  Gallery Studio, East Hartford, CT  Vocal Nancy Pitkin
Track 12 Butler Music Group

All songs are available for licensing.
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01. Big Moon in Missouri, M. Riquier, BMI

02. Holly Malone, M. Riquier, C. Haskell, G. Shields, BMI

03. Three-Legged Horse, M. Riquier, P. Hill, R. Christina, BMI

04. My Valentine, M. Riquier, BMI

05. Bluegrass in Heaven, M. Riquier, F. Etheridge, E. Salter, BMI

06. Gracie and Joshua, M. Riquier, BMI

07. Hey, Hey, Barberino, M. Riquier, BMI

08. I’m Still Pickin’, M. Riquier, P. Hill, J. Sharpley, BMI

09. Choose Only the Good, M. Boehm, M. Riquier, BMI

10. Lord are You watching Me, M. Riquier, BMI

11. Wichita Willie, M. Riquier, G. Shields, BMI

12. You Chose Me, M. Riquier, BMI

13. The Holy Holy Ghost, M. Riquier, C. Jordan, B. Thibodeau, BMI

14. I Am the Ring, M. Riquier, P. Hill, BMI

15. Hear That Train a Comin’, M. Riquier, P. Hill, BMI