Still Kickin’ – not kickin’

The group Still Kickin’ is no longer kicking. Unfortunately it was very short-lived.  It had some great talent and try as we may, we could not seem to get it off the ground. However, some of its music, in particular its vocals led by Bob DiQuattro were quite nice so some samples are being left here for you to enjoy.  Listen to “Maggi”, for example, to see what I mean. Former bios remain also.

Note: In 2016 Bob DiQuattro unexpectedly passed away.  There was no better gospel singer than Bob.  A huge loss.

The foursome of Still Kickin’ defied the nomenclature normally attached to a modern day band. They were not country, not folk, not pop, not gospel, not bluegrass, yet they were all of these things for their music spoke of Americana and stretched across a span of eighty years or more. They always included some numbers that would inspire the audience to sing along with them.

The Musicians

Bob DiQuattro – In addition to being lead vocalist for Still Kickin’, Bob also filled the role of music director for the group.  He brought a vast amount of vocal and musical experience to this new group, on the heels of spending forty years in a gospel vocal band.

Bob Allen – Born in the mountains, many years ago….well not really, but he might as well have been. Skilled at growing things, he’s done it all, from growing pineapples in the tropics to raising chickens in his back yard. He has also kept his guitar busy over the years accumulating a lot of experience. Bob was lead player for Still Kickin’ and also sang lead vocals and harmony.

Mark Chuoke – Was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but after attending college in Providence, Rhode Island he decided to make this part of the country his home. He’s been playing music off and on since he was a youngster. Mark teaches at Woodstock Academy, and along with enjoying music, he writes poetry and loves spending time with his family and friends. Mark played mandolin for Still Kickin’ and was their newest member.

Myrna Riquier – The most senior member and founder of the group, Myrna has at least fifty years experience from working with many area bands. She also brought some original material to the group and sang both lead vocals and harmony.

Music Samples

Blue Around the Edges


Dreaming My Dreams With You


He’s a Pilgrim


I am a Pilgrim


I Still Miss Someone


I’ve Endured


Let Those Brown Eyes Smile at Me


Less and Less


Little Darling Pal of Mine




Three Men on a Mountain