Still Pickin’

Bluegrass and Traditional Country-Western Music


The Still Pickin’ Band has witnessed some evolution since it first appeared. It now consists of Jim Sharpley, Pat MacDonald and Dennis Sheridan.  The group’s philosophy remains pretty much the same as it was back in 2009, to provide you with your favorite style of music that is no longer readily available on radio.

The music of Still Pickin’ includes bluegrass, traditional country-western plus some contemporary tunes. In addition to music, the agenda includes a good deal of humor brought to you by the group’s story-teller,  Jim Sharpley. Some fun activities are offered that audiences always enjoy participating in and the band encourages their fans to sing along with them.

Looking back…..

Newly formed in 2009, the founding members, Fred Etheridge, Bob Coxx and Myrna Riquier came to Still Pickin’ with extensive experience and a lengthy work history that included performing with many New England groups over the years,  playing a variety of genres. The current configuration of Still Pickin’ can boast the same.

The original Still Pickin’ trio suffered a set back in 2010 when cancer claimed the life of it’s good friend and beloved lead guitar player, Fred Etheridge.   Remaining members Bob Coxx and Myrna Riquier took a hiatus to recover and adjust.  After restructuring, they began anew.

Down through the years, Still Pickin’ has continued to make  appearances at fairs, festivals, old home days, indoor concerts, weddings  and private parties. In addition, they are well known throughout northeastern CT for their appearances at Senior Centers, retirement and assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

As the current members of Still Pickin’ step into the second decade since its inception, their name has become widely recognized and their  music increasingly popular.  They are available annually mid-April through November and although they play large events, such as concerts and festivals, they are also a great fit for your own backyard party. To book this talented group, contact Jim Sharpley at 860-933-3147.

Their 2017 Still Pickin’ CD, Reuben’s Train, and their 2019 CD, Hope Valley, are both available to pick up at any Still Pickin’ concert or by email to Jim Sharpley at

For current concert dates and info about today’s Still Pickin’ band,  visit  their website or stay up to date with them at 

Some ways to contact Still Pickin’  include 860-933-3147  or

Meet the new and improved Still Pickin’ Trio…..

Lead singer, Dennis Sheridan, joined Still Pickin’ in early summer of 2017.  He plays guitar, mandolin and fiddle. He also shares lead and harmony vocals. Dennis is a veteran of the Connecticut country music scene with 42 years of experience playing in various duets, trios and larger groups. He was the founding member of the popular band Bolton Notch and has performed in other noted bands including Heartland and Skyline Drive. Both Bolton Notch and Heartland received First Place awards in the Hartford Advocate annual Best Bands survey in the country music category. Dennis is also a songwriter with two CDs of original country music performed by Bolton Notch.

Bass player, Patricia MacDonald, came on board late in November 2017 as the group was closing out its season.  2018 will be her first full year with the group and her first year ever as a bass player.   Pat came to Still Pickin’ from Green Valley Bluegrass, her first performing band,  where she was the mandolin player. She tops off the high range harmony vocals for Still Pickin’.

The group’s banjo and dobro player, Jim Sharpley, started his music career as the lead vocalist and manager for his own Texas swing band, The Sharpshooters.  You may have even seen him over the years  on Channel 8 where he spent a number of years working for WTNH-TV reporting the news, traffic and weather.  After a musical hiatus, Jim joined up with Still Pickin’ in late 2010.  He sings lead vocals and harmony and plays a variety of instruments such as flat-top guitar, banjo, steel guitar, Dobro and harmonica.  And topping off his accomplishments, the multi-talented musician was inducted into the Connecticut Country Music Association Hall of Fame in 2007.  Jim now heads up the Still Pickin’ trio.


Be sure to stop by the bandstand and say hello, wherever you find this gifted group performing. They love their fans.

Meet the Band 2017 to present

Jim Sharpley, Pat MacDonald , Dennis Sheridan

Some Kudos

“The group brought us beautiful harmonies and an entertaining blend of country, bluegrass and Americana music
— Mike Milano, Owner , Quarry Ridge Golf Course and Restaurant

“…….your music is wonderful”
— Dalice Elizabeth Winery

“Your music and talents were truly enjoyed by all…”
— Marybeth LaFlame, Vice President, Franco American Civic & Social Club

“Our event was made marvelous by the entertainment of the wonderful and funny Still Pickin’ “
—Roxanne St. Jean, Director, Chaplin Senior Center

Music Samples From
2010-2017 Still Pickin’
Jim – Bob – Myrna

Back on My Mind


Ramblin’ Fever


Roots of My Raisin’


Dream of Me

Still Pickin’ over the years …

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Still Pickin’ 2017 - spring to fall Dennis Sheridan, Jim Sharpley, Myrna Riquier
Still Pickin’ 2017 - spring to fall Dennis Sheridan, Jim Sharpley, Myrna Riquier
Still Pickin’ 2010 – 2017 Jim Sharpley, Myrna Riquier, Bob Coxx
Still Pickin’ 2009 – 2010 Fred Etheridge, Bob Coxx, Myrna Riquier
Still Pickin’ 2009 – 2010 Fred Etheridge, Bob Coxx, Myrna Riquier

Goodbye To An Old Friend

The group Still Pickin’ was pulled together in 2009 with the assistance of Fred Etheridge, its first lead guitar player. Fred named the new group Still Pickin’ and enjoyed the opportunity to play his guitar with no restrictions placed upon him. With a lifetime of working in bluegrass and country bands, he thoroughly enjoyed making music and was always a lot of fun to work with. He had a great sense of humor and was a caring man, always supportive of his fellow musicians, whether they were accomplished or just starting out. It was with profound sadness that we saw Fred head off to Heaven on October 1, 2010.

In his last year, and amid declining health, Fred worked diligently along with Nick Anderson recording a CD. “Something to leave behind,” Fred had commented. Although extremely ill, he did not give up until the task was completed. The CD, produced by Nick Anderson of Shady Creek can be purchased by contacting Nick Anderson in Plainfield, CT.

Fred also wrote some songs, one of which, entitled What Would You Do, is on the CD. Listen to it by clicking the play button below.

Fred on the CD cover with Nick Anderson plus Mark Doyle on bass -2010
Fred picking at the Hawk's Nest Farm Festival in Plainfield, CT -2009
Fred in Hartford Hospital, always smiling, just days before his passing.-2010
Still Pickin’ 2009 – 2010 Fred Etheridge, Bob Coxx, Myrna Riquier
Still Pickin’ 2009 – 2010 Fred Etheridge, Bob Coxx, Myrna Riquier