Myrna Riquier

Myrna Riquier, Retired Singer, Songwriter, Raconteur ……Photo by Linda Orlomoski

I would like to thank each of the bands that generously participated in the winter showcase series on behalf of the Podunk Festival. While we didn’t realize our goal of expanding the genre fan-base, it was not the fault of the musicians who all did a very nice job for us. While I, personally, don’t plan to produce another round of showcases for the winter ahead, I do hereby invite anyone who might want to take over this endeavor to get in touch with Rich James to discuss it. I will be happy to share my experiences of the 2018-19 winter series with you. And I do have a band or two signed up for next season so I surely hope someone will step up.  Go for it.     -Myrna Riquier

Greetings from Natchaug Music, Chaplin, CT
860-455-9400 (Myrna Riquier)

A number of Bluegrass Showcase events are being implemented specifically to help increase the fan-base of bluegrass music.  I am facilitating this activity,  under the auspices of the Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival,  and I will keep an up-to-date  list of the who, when and where’s right here in this spot for you to peruse.   A small $10 donation at the door gets the participating musicians paid.  Showcases will run annually Sept. to May.   To get your band onto the schedule call Myrna, not the venue.  Here’s what’s happening in Q1 and Q2 this year.

Packing House Willington, CT on 1st  Wednesdays 7-9:30 PM
156 River Road  (Rt. 32)  Willington, CT 518-791-9474 (Venue manager Tom Buccino)
Dec 5 – Restless Mountain
Jan 2 – No showcase in Jan.
Feb 6 – BluesGrass Weather cancellation
Mar 6 – 81 South
Apr 3 – Cabin Fever
May 1 – Still Pickin’ Band
Jun 5 – BluesGrass (Final showcase for this season. Resumes in Sept.)

Yantic River Inn in Yantic, CT on 2nd  Wednesdays 7:00-9:30PM.
270 West Town Street 860-887-4300  (Venue manager Franklin Grussy)
Dec 12 – Yantic river Volunteers with Nick Anderson
Jan 9  – Cabin Fever
Jan 23 – Eight Mile River Band
Feb 13 – Seat of Your Pants
Feb 27 – The Nick Anderson Volunteers
Mar 13 – Ocean State Ramblers
Mar 20 – Nick Anderson & the Yantic River Volunteers
Mar 27 – Bluegrass Distillery
Apr 10 – Rock Hearts
Apr 24 – Eight Mile River Band
May 8 –  Still Pickin’ Band
May 22 – Still Pickin’ Band (Final Showcase for the season. Resumes in Sept.)

Hungry Tiger –  Manchester, CT  on 2nd  Sundays 5-8PM.
120 Charter Oak Street 860-649-1195 (Venue manager Don Denly)
Jan 13 – Bend in the River
Feb 10 – Rock Hearts
Mar 24 – Restless Mountain … Venue changes to 4th Sundays in March and henceforth…
Apr 28 – Still Pickin’
May 26 – Still Pickin’ Band (Final Showcase for the season. Resumes in Sept.)

Natchaug Music – A river runs by it.

Natchaug Music was named after the Natchaug River that runs through the town of Chaplin, Connecticut, down through the Natchaug Valley and along the Natchaug Trail, aka Route 198. The river has many moods. It can be a raging maverick during flood season, a lively trout stream in late spring attracting fishermen from near and far, or a peaceful wading attraction during the hot summer months drawing students from nearby universities. The Natchaug is a beautiful river, but be forewarned of the danger when it is raging.

The Raging Natchaug River

The Raging Natchaug River

Diana’s Pool

Natchaug River, Chaplin CT

There was some mighty water in the Natchaug that fall day.
It roared through town with vengeance; it washed a soul away.
It pounded down the river sides and made an awesome sound.
It is quite a fright when Mother Nature throws her weight around.

Lyric by Myrna Riquier, 2010

Dedicated to Elizabeth Cunningham who was
swept into the severely swollen waters of the
Natchaug River on October 15, 2005. RIP