Newsletter Vol. 5 #1

Natchaug Music Newsletter:   The Voice of Still Pickin’ Vol.  5 #1

February 14, 2017

A big mid-winter hello to all our fans.  Wasn’t winter going along nicely until a week or so ago?  One good thing. We didn’t lose power during any of the storms, and no trees came down in our yard. I haven’t looked in Jim’s yard yet.  I thought I would just leave that for him to do.  As you know, he’s down in Florida, laughing at us.  

Our first gig for this season ahead will be on April 25th when we return to Athena Health Care in Stafford.  We performed there last season and they were so happy with our music they gave us two new dates immediately.  

We don’t often perform in the Willimantic area, so we are happy to let you know that we will be at the Senior Center there May 25th.   We have a rather early start time of 10:30 am.  I think I’ll need to wake Bob up that day because he’s a late sleeper.

I was asked if we would be back in Uncasville this season and the answer is yes. You can put these dates on your calendar. We will be at Orchard Grove Specialty Care Center on May 10th at 2:30 and Nov. 1st also at 2:30.

In June we are playing for a wedding in Branford at a castle. That should be fun. And in August we will back at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival.  You can find all of our concerts listed at our web site. and click on “bands” and then click on “Still Pickin”

In mid-April we expect to get back to the mixing of the songs for our upcoming CD. That’s it for now. We hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing you out at one of our gigs in the months ahead.

From the Still Pickin’ Trio,                                                                                                                                            

Myrna, Jim & Bob