Newsletter Vol. 4 #3

Natchaug Music Newsletter, Vol. 4 No. 3          7/26/2016

The Voice of Still Pickin’

Here we are at mid-year already. Our country-western/bluegrass trio had a very nice first half of our season. We also had several weeks off in July and we all enjoyed having that free time. Both Bob and Jim mow lawns just for the fun of it so it’s not like they sat around wondering what to do with their wind-fall of time.

Still Pickin’ played at the prestigious Gazebo in Andover, a much sought after venue. Jim, Bob and I had been there many times to listen to other bands. This time we were looking out at the audience. We had a small but attentive audience and they let us know they would bring their friends next time. We won’t be back at the gazebo this year, but we will make an appearance at the Andover Public Library in the fall. Check our schedule for the date and come out to hear us if you can. Chairs provided.

Wherever we perform people often ask if Still Pickin’ has a CD.  We don’t, but we’ve concluded it is time that we do so we have a recording session scheduled in the fall. It will take place at a retirement facility where we have performed before and where the acoustics are just right. John Schwenk, a local sought-after sound and recording engineer will handle all of the technicalities and we are currently putting together our list of songs for the project.  We’ll need a dozen or so and selecting those numbers presents a challenge since we have around 60 songs that we use on a regular rotating basis and all of them are our favorites. J If you have a favorite that you would like to see us include on this recording, now would be a good time to let us know that and we will certainly give it our consideration.   You are invited to come out to Welles Family Village on Welles Road in Vernon to participate as part of our audience that day. See our schedule for the date.

We have a new web site being built for us by Thirsty Lizards who specialize in web sites for festivals and bands. The work is well underway and it will be ready very soon. You won’t need to learn anything new in order to peruse it and you will still use to access it.  The Events List will still be there too.

In regards to the events list, I am looking for someone to take over the updating of that Upcoming Bluegrass Events list. I have been putting that listing together now for many many years. Turning 80 at the end of this month now makes me think I have done enough of that. Could you take over that list for me? I would facilitate getting the program onto your computer. Call me. 860-455-9400.

Talking about turning 80, we are going to be playing at Hank’s Dairy Bar on my birthday. July 30. Maybe you want to come out and have dinner at this upscale restaurant. J  It is located on Route 12 in Plainfield, CT.  Their actual address is 2006 Norwich Road. I took a glance at their menu and I can see that they are not your average road-side hamburger stand. Their menu has everything from hamburgers at an attractive $2.50 price to tacos and sea food and even full meals. Their advertising slogan is “60 years of outdoor dining at its best”.  Sounds good to me. And I was told that we, Still Pickin’, will get all the free ice cream we want. Ta dah! What a birthday I’m going to have.

podunk logoI would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Podunk Bluegrass Festival. That’s Aug. 11-12-13-14. We hope you can attend at least some of this wonderful event. Still Pickin’ will be on the Workshop Stage on Saturday, twice. See our schedule for times. In addition, Jim and I, along with Amy Orlomoski and Bonnie Glow will be adjudicating the kids’ singing contest, known as the Voice of Podunk Kids. This contest, just in its second year, is having difficulty getting established. This year so far, we have only two entries. If you have any youngsters in your family or neighborhood that like to sing, please tell them about this. We would love to have them in the contest. Be sure they know that their song choice can be from any genre they wish. This is not a   “bluegrass” singing contest. The age limits are 7 to 17 years old. If interested call Myrna at 860-455-9400.

As a Podunk-aware person you surely know that there will be many-many other events going on during the Podunk Festival, not to mention all of the talent performing on the three stages. It is always a fun-packed weekend.  To get a ticket ahead of time, you need to hurry and call Roger Moss at 860-828-9818.  See the Podunk website for comprehensive details:

For now, so long from Still Pickin’.  Come out and see us if you can. Here’s our remaining 2016 schedule.

Best regards,
Jim, Bob & Myrna,
The Still Pickin’ Trio